The Benefits of Walking the Golf Course

Given the right circumstances, golf can be fantastic for your health. If you’re lucky enough to get out on the links once a week, you are already doing great things for your cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing.

Walking an average length course for a round of golf can be between 6 to 8 kilometres which is well above your daily steps goal of 10,000. But to meet the recommended level of exercise from The Australian Heart Foundation & The American Heart Association, you should be getting 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. This activity will help reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke. Increasing your golf to two rounds a week is a great way to achieve this with a fast walking pace of 5kmp/h over 6 kilometres.

But if you’re carrying or pushing your clubs several times a week, the risk of a repetitive stress related injury on your joints or back may impact on your round and ability to play week-to-week. And repetitive stress related injuries don’t only affect older demographics, juniors and adults of all ages are susceptible to fatigue related injuries.

With a fundamental key to improving your golf game being regular practise and playing, this is where an MGI motorised buggy can benefit anyone who plays golf. A motorised buggy allows you to have the freedom to walk the course and exercise without exhausting yourself before the end of the round. Or worse, aggravating that existing niggle you’ve been managing or injuring yourself and sidelining exercise completely. An MGI buggy strikes a perfect balance between staying competitive in your round of golf and getting a good workout. Because as fun as golf is, it’s a sport after all, a sport we all want to be good at. And there is no better way to improve your golf game than staying energised until the last putt on the 18th green.

Depending on level of freedom you want on the course, an MGI motorised buggy will have you covered. If you’re a fan of traditional push buggies, then their entry level Zip X1 model is perfect. It has a whisper quiet 230Wh motor and a fixed front wheel so the buggy will never wonder offline while you toggle between the 9 speed settings to suit your walking pace.





If your course's paths and fairways are less defined, then the Zip X3 or Zip X5 will have you covered. Both have all-terrain rear wheels and swivelling or lockable front wheels allowing them to cover harsher more undulating terrain easily.


MGI Zip X3

MGI Zip X5

And for tech-savvy golfers, our flagship model Zip Navigator & it’s newest counterpart the Zip Navigator AT (All-Terrain) model will handle any terrain or undulation a golf course can throw at you. They also have fully directional remote controls so you can veer off the beaten path while your buggy stays on course up to 150m away from you knowing you have full control.

MGI Zip Navigator 

The health benefits of walking a golf course are only one side of the coin too. Other benefits of walking include keeping in touch with friends. Golf is a fantastic way to bond with existing friends or create new friendships that could last a lifetime, something not as easily done with individual electric carts.

Walking, along with playing golf is also proven to reduce stress, as a result of the physical activity and the pleasure of being outside in a natural environment. Being able to work for the morning or catch up with friends over a friendly game of Stableford will do wonders for your wellbeing. This is again where moderating physical exertion across the duration of a 5-hour round of golf is where an MGI motorised buggy makes a difference. Keeping your energy levels balanced while still exercising is a perfect way to improve your golf game, keep focus on every shot and regularly enjoy the time outside with friends, family or competitors.

To find out more about MGI motorised buggies and which model best suits your needs contact your local On Course Golf retailer or browse online today.