Cleveland Smart Sole 4

Cleveland Smart Sole 4

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Smart Sole 4 is a straightforward short game system for the everyday player. There’s no tricky swing changes or open faces. Just grab your wedge, square up to the ball, and take a swing. Embrace easy: it’s a short game enjoyed.

If you struggle with the short game, Smart Sole 4 provides the tools you need to score your best.

A Sand Wedge for easy bunker escapes. A Chipper for foolproof chips. And a forgiving Gap Wedge for approach shots into the green.

There’s a Smart Sole for every shot. Simply grab yours and swing.

To help improve your short game, Smart Sole 4 Wedges feature extra-large cavity backs for extreme perimeter weighting.

It’s total short game forgiveness so you can stop hacking away at those sand bunkers and start hacking away at your handicap.