Wilson Staff D9 Women's Fairway

Wilson Staff D9 Women's Fairway

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D9 fairway woods are the first to be offered with our patented Variable Face in Carpenter Custom 455 Steel.  With faster ball speeds

across the entire face, these woods help players meet any challenge the course can dish out, and their refined head shapes get the job done in style.

Variable Face Technology for the first time on a fairway wood, this innovative tech delivers high ball speeds and high launch angles, regardless of where

on the face the ball makes contact.  Carpenter Custom 455 Face is a premium maraging steel insert that provides a thin, hot face for more speed, more feel

and more distance performance.  Optimised Weighting achieved by the Wilson Labs team working closely with our Advisory Staff members developed a

precise head shape that both optimizes weight and swings fast for effortless increases in club head and ball speed.