Mizuno MP-X

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Mizuno has announced an MP-X ball to accompany the more responsive MP-S model.

Refined Urethane Cover - Reduced to 0.5mm thickness for increased initial velocity.
330 Dimple pattern - Configured for more stable ball flight.
4 piece construction - Adapted for stability at high ball speeds.

The MP-X has been unveiled to help Mizuno expand its use amongst the next generation of tour players and elite amateurs. The 4 piece construction features a dual core design, that reduces spin from the driver – suited to more powerful ball strikers. A new, thinner 0.5mm urethane cover enhances initial ball speed, while a 330 dimple configuration creates a highly efficient flight.

Alex Thorne, European Head of Tour Operations, “For the majority of tour players and elite level players, we’ve found the low spin characteristics of the MP-X off the tee, make it more predictable in the long game. Club players who generate a little less spin naturally, will match up better with the MP-S.”

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