Mizuno T7 Blue IP Wedge

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The Mizuno MP T7 Blue IP Wedge is a premium forged headed wedge that uses their Boron technology to increase and enhance its all round performance.

Mizuno have used their famous and incredible Grain Flow Forged technology and infused it with their Boron technology. The #NothingFeelsLikeAMizuno still remains because of the premium forged head but what e Boron adds is longevity and durability.

A soft forged head means the face compresses more than a cast and the grooves and performance is not as good for as long, but with Boron the groove performance lasts longer than ever.

Mizuno have used their Quad Cut Groove technology to ensure total spin and distance control. The MP T7 Blue IP wedge features loft specific grooving for greater all round performance:
45° - 53° - The Quad Cut Grooves have been made deeper and narrower to give you incredibly consistent control and spin when playing fuller shots.
54° - 62° - The Quad Cut Grooves are wider and shallower to give you maximum levels of spin on both full and close to the green shots.

So that the wedges transition better from your irons into wedges Mizuno have also used a loft specific cut on the leading edge. The lower lofted wedges come with a straighter leading edge for better fuller shot consistency and as you go through the lofts the leading edge gets rounder to maximise shot making precision.

Please note this is an online only price - We highly recommend being custom fitted for this product by your local On Course Golf professional - in store pricing may vary